Patagonia & Antarctica

There are no limits for the traveller’s universe and travel literature. Although our catalogue travels to different latitudes, we have a strong expertise in Patagonia and Antarctica.

Patagonia, this fantastic universe that lies at the southern tip of South America, with its wild mountains, forests, and vast desert plains, has impelled travellers to the likes of Darwin, Fitz Roy or Plüschow.

I have come from my faraway homeland to fly over countless places which the human eye had not yet seen, thus shedding new light to the dark pages of the World History.

For those who are not used to the sea, a single glance at that region would be enough to dream for eight days in a row of shipwrecks, dangers and deaths.

Thirst is a polar explorer’s most dreaded enemy and almost everyone has suffered it…

Around us countless blocks of ice washed down by the sea heaped up and stood still for several hours. The bay was so full that it was as if we had been suddenly transported to a polar sea.

Agostini was the Christopher Columbus of the continental ice.

Alberto De Agostini was in the 20th Century what Perito Francisco Moreno was in the 19th Century –an explorer of the unknown and a discoverer of the indefinable magic of Patagonia.

Antarctica was the last continent to be explored by man, perhaps because of its inaccessibility and remoteness from inhabited land. The first to sight it was Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen on his voyage around the world between 1819 and 1821. This frozen landscape have witnessed important expeditions, such as the ones of Amundsen and Scott, who had to fight the fury of the elements to achieve the craved South Pole in 1911 and 1912 respectively, or that of Sir Ernest Shackleton, whose journey represents, without a doubt, one of the most moving testimonies of survival in the history of mankind.

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